The coming systemic market crash explained in new mini-documentary by the Health Ranger

Friday, August 21, 2015 by

The coming market crash will be the largest one ever, dwarfing even the dot-com crash of 2001.

Why? Because increased financial interdependency has created a dangerous “hidden monster” in global debt instruments: SYSTEMIC RISK.

Systemic risk is invisible. It’s not apparent in each individual financial instrument, stock trade or derivatives wager. Systemic risk comes into spontaneous existence from the interconnectedness of the systems that run our global financial markets, from computer-driven stock trades to bank computers that compute fractional reserve requirements.

When the next great crash comes — which could happen as early as the Fall of 2015 — it will multiply and accelerate precisely because of these little-understood systemic risks which underlie almost every financial instrument, currency position and banking institution on the planet.

This is a MUST-SEE mini-documentary for those wishing to understand why this invisible risk affects their finances and their future.

Click here to watch the YouTube video, or see the embedded video below.

Here are some screen grabs from the mini-documentary, giving you an idea of some of the topics explored in the video:

See the full mini-documentary here:


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