The harrowing realities of a bloody coup: Presidential offices of Burkina Faso raided; blood in the streets

Sunday, September 20, 2015 by

Early this morning, the residents of the small, poverty-stricken nation of Burkina Faso awoke to the news that their interim government had been violently disbanded and the presidential offices raided, by forces loyal to a prominent military figure in their country, General Gilbert Diendere.

This seems to hit scarily close to home for us here in America, because unlike Burkina Faso, we are heavily armed as a citizenry. A recent YouGov poll showed that 29% of Americans could be in favor of a military coup in our own country.  It really makes you wonder how many actually know what a military coup looks like!  As many of the recent violent coups around the world have shown, it’s all seemingly fun and games until the Che Guevara-themed shirts of the mob become stained in blood.  Be careful what you wish for, America, ours would likely make this coup look juvenile in comparison.



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