Stock market remains under pressure amidst largest drop in history

Friday, October 09, 2015 by

The stock market crash of 2015 has already begun, and it’s about to get much worse, said financial expert Gregory Mannarino in a tweet on August 26. An active trader of capital markets, Mannarino has authored several books on finance, global economics and equity trading. He also has an active YouTube channel in which he lends his expertise on the stock market, sorting through the disinformation reported by the mainstream media.

Mannarino’s latest YouTube video warns that the dramatic selloff over the past several weeks is not normal activity as the mainstream media will tell you in an attempt to keep people calm.

When the Dow Jones Industrial Average experiences the largest drop in history, it is far from being normal, explains Mannarino.

Check out Mannarino’s latest video: “Stock Market Sell-Off is Not Over.”

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