Human jerky, the new survival food for anti-preppers coming soon to a major city near you

Those who refuse to prepare for the coming collapse are going to have to formulate an entirely different plan, one that includes learning how to loot essential items from stores, breaking and entering into pharmacies to steal medicine and practicing unintentional fasting, a.k.a. starvation.

Due to their refusal to prepare in any way, including failure to store food, anti-preppers may even be forced to resort to cannibalism as a last-ditch effort to obtain food, making the following item quintessential.

If you’re an anti-prepper and a vegetarian, unfortunately you’re out of luck, as human jerky is made straight from the flesh and bones of humans! That’s right, fresh, GMO, contaminated with heavy metals, human meat.

Keep your eyes peeled as “free range” and “fair trade” human meat will soon be available at a store near you.

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