SHOCK: American middle-class forced on brink of poverty as U.S migrant population soars with open border policies

According to new data provided by the Social Security Administration (SSA), an estimated 51 percent of Americans are making less than $30,000 per year, reports the Daily Caller, while 40 percent are earning less than $20,000!

Those numbers are particularly painful as the cost of living continues to soar in population-concentrated metropolitan regions, while wages remain completely stagnant and/or decreasing – quickly dismantling the middle class as they’re forced to live beneath the poverty line.

The SSA numbers also illustrate a stiff correlation between an overall decline in wages and the rise of the U.S. migrant population.

American wages decrease as immigrant population rises

“Wages and share of income for the bottom 90 percent of American wage-earners declined over the past 40 years, as the foreign-born population increased dramatically,” reports the Congressional Research Service (CRS), a legislative branch agency within the Library of Congress.

“CRS charted the correlation between wages and the number of foreign-born workers in the U.S. between 1945 and 2010,” the Daily Caller reports.

Credit: Numbers provided by CRS.

“Before 1970, wages rose sharply as the number of foreign-born persons declined. But after 1970, that population increased dramatically as wages stagnated, increased slightly and then dropped.”

In 2014, 50 percent of Americans reported earning $28,851 or less, and 51 percent reported earning less than $30,000, according to the SSA’s National Wage Index.

Credit: Numbers provided by CRS.

Credit: Numbers provided by CRS.

“That’s $2,500 a month before taxes and just over the federal poverty level for a family of five,” reports the Daily Caller; however, that’s according to the government’s standards. Those living in the real world know that a single individual can hardly survive on a salary of $30,000 in most metropolitan areas, let alone with children.

$2.5 trillion spent on welfare over 25 years

Over time, the supposed effort to help the poor has plunged the rest of the nation into poverty, particularly the middle class, who once lived comfortably but is now being bankrupted as it’s forced to pay for superfluous welfare programs.

As Howard Zinn, author of A People’s History of the United States, notes: “How skillful to tax the middle class to pay for the relief of the poor, building resentment on top of humiliation!”

However, now, it is essentially the poor paying for the poor as the middle-class is hardly visible.

Over the past 25 years, the federal government has spent $2.5 trillion on welfare and aid to cities; which is enough money to purchase all of the assets of every Fortune 500 company plus all of the farmland in the U.S., according to the Foundation for Economic Education (FEE).

That money was frivolously wasted as Americans are in worse shape today than ever before.

Social programs balloon under illegal immigration crisis

Flooding the country with illegal immigrants isn’t helping either, and it’s the middle-class that blatantly suffers the most.

In September, Breitbart Texas reported that “51 percent of immigrant-headed households (both legal and illegal) reported using at least one welfare program during the year in 2012,” compared with 30 percent of native-headed households, according to data provided by the Center for Immigration Studies (CSI).

“The low-skill level of many immigrants means that although most work, many also access welfare programs. If we continue to allow large numbers of less-educated immigrants to settle in the country, then immigrant welfare use will remain high,” said Steven Camarota, the Director of Research for CSI.

Americans search for better life in Texas

Meanwhile, Americans are fleeing high-taxing states in search for a better life in Texas.

“In three states today—California, Maine, and New York—almost half of all middle-income family wages are captured by government through income, payroll, property, and sales taxes, and other levies,” reports FEE.

In late August, the Washington Times reported that Californians are fleeing the state in unprecedented numbers, with their primary destination being Texas.

The same occurrence is happening on the East Coast as Americans continue to desert the region, also migrating to Texas in search of a better quality of life with less government intervention.

In 2014, numbers show that six out of 10 states that Americans are fleeing are located on the northeast coast, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Connecticut.


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