Was George Soros just exposed as the hand behind the Trump protests?

Have you ever really wondered if the political establishment of the United States had your best interests in mind?

If so, put it to rest.

They don’t.

The political establishment cares about only one thing – power – and it will do anything to keep it. That’s the only way to explain why they would work hand-in-hand with someone who is openly attempting to subvert our constitutional system and change our form of government.

It’s the reason why they would tolerate (and use) someone like George Soros.

The billionaire money man worked behind the scenes to fund organizations that sent paid thugs to disrupt now President-elect Donald J. Trump’s rallies during the campaign. And his money is now behind many of the ongoing protests and violence in cities around the country following Trump’s victory.

As noted by the Free Thought Project, Soros’ MoveOn.org has been revealed as one of the driving forces behind nationwide protests against Trump’s election, meaning they’re not just a home-grown movement of concerned Americans who have taken to the streets, as the establishment media has reported.

Indeed, the fact that they’re not organic protests are evident in other ways. First, according to on-the-ground reports at various locations, “protestors” are being bussed in to take part. Secondly, many of the signs protesters are carrying were obviously pre-manufactured and professionally done.

As further noted by The Gateway Pundit, these Soros-funded far-Left groups have placed advertisements on Craigslist and other venues seeking to hire full-time protestors disguised as “community activists” (just like Obama used to be). What’s more, RT.com reported further that Soros’ ‘invisible hand’ was revealed in a series of leaked emails by Wikileaks from close friend of Hillary Clinton, John Podesta, who was also managing her campaign.

“Those that are stirring it up, and many of them do work for Soros-fronted organizations are really telling those innocent protesters, and perhaps less innocent protesters, they are in danger by Trump, even though Trump has done nothing but preach unity since he won the election,” Marko Gasic, a British-Serbian political commentator told RT.com.

He further noted that he believes someone must be “stirring the pot” because in the past Americans have never had a problem like this accepting the outcome of an election. And he noted that Soros money was funding similar “movements” in other countries.

And the political establishment is not only a part of all this, it is enabling it to happen.

So you have to ask yourself: What is the real purpose behind the opposition to Trump? Is it Trump himself, or are Soros and company trying to encourage a second American revolution, one that will topple the founding constitutional order and replace it with a far-Left authoritarian government?





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